Exam Practice Course
Maximise Your Exam Grades With Our Exam Practice Course

Happy Tutors Exam Practice Course is designed to train students to be exam-ready. We provide pre and post-exam diagnostics in all our centres. Students will go through a series of intensive sessions to familiarise with examination questions/format and overcome examination anxiety.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre PSLE Preparatory Programme
PSLE Preparatory Programme

Reinforce understanding of key concepts, analytical skills, answering techniques, and familiarise students with common PSLE questions.

Primary 1 Preparatory Programme

Our Primary 1 Preparatory programmes will be conducted with a mix of practice materials and educational videos to stimulate the students’ interest in learning the subjects for Primary 1. Our tutors monitor the progress of the student in every lesson and tailor their teaching techniques to meet the students’ learning abilities.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre PSLE Maths Workshop
PSLE Maths Workshop

Students prepare through targeted revision of concepts. Students will learn to identify questions and apply the correct techniques to achieve the solution.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre Physics and Chemistry Intensive Programme
Physics & Chemistry Intensive Programme

Learn Physics & Chemistry through our focused and intensive programme. Conducted by highly qualified and experienced tutor. Recap lecture and tutorials on key topics.