Primary Math Junior Programme For Early Starters

Our Primary Maths program help children practice basic arithmetic skills through fun activities and challenges. We help your child to love the mathematics because later on in Primary School the content is much harder to learn. Therefore we encourage students to pick up their arithmetic skills early when the school requirements are low.

Students who start young will remain highly motivated throughout their primary school mathematics. After all, PSLE Math score is one of the main deciding factor to which schools students can go to. In the later years, Primary Maths (PSLE Math) gets harder to pick up, so the basics need to be taught from a young age.

With lots of encouragement and a safe environment for students to make mistakes and learn, our Primary Math program is one of the most effective in Singapore today.

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Content Mastery
  • Firstly we personally guide our students through basic counting skills such as addition and subtraction. We focus on individual because it is essential for beginner learners.
  • Next, we will help students with deduction skills using numbers. Hence they will apply their arithmetic skills in different situations. Such activities help them to think deeply for future problem solving mathematics.
Skills and Techniques
  • By teaching our students to represent math problem using diagrams, they become more sensitive to data presented in math problems.
  • Furthermore, we will introduce the required heuristic methods to help students ace their exams.
  • We also conduct mock examinations and exam drills to accustom children to the exam environment from young.
  • Develop critical thinking skills through topical challenging problems in the Primary Math exams.
Applied Learning
  • Learn to apply arithmetic skills such as counting cubes and pan balances to carry out performance tasks in class.
  • Revise concepts through role-play and classroom games.
  • Apply Math skills in every day situations so that the use of math becomes a lifestyle, not a chore.