Our Methodology


Customised Learning

With our small group sizes, our tutors are able to identify the learning patterns for each individual student and cater to their learning needs. This ensures that all our students’ learning paces are kept at the fastest and most effective.

In our model of niche education, we offer a learning experience that is specifically catered to the individual and we work as a team in order to teach our students the vital skills towards crafting their own success.

An Engineered Learning Pace

As an education support provider, we augment our pace of lessons to maximise the learning needs of each student.

Students who need more time to catch up with school standards will be given intensive lessons to catch up with their fundamental skills.

Students will be kept at one topic ahead of the school’s progress. This allows our students to maximise the attention spent on any particular topic. There is synergy with the school progress and this helps with more effective learning in our students.

For faster students, the pace will not be limited, instead, they will be taught advanced chapters or even at higher levels by our expert tutors.