Our Methodology

The Best Small Group Learning Experience.

Best Small Group Tuition Experience - Quality Tutoring

Quality Tutoring Services

Tutors are graduates with qualification and experience. Each tutor is constantly updated with Singapore MOE syllabus.

The diversity of backgrounds helps students with specific needs ranging from Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching, Ex-MOE Teachers with teaching experience, Linguistics & Multi-Lingual Specialists, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and more. Thus, we bring you quality education with quality tutoring services.

Best Small Group Tuition Experience - Managed Class Size

Managed Class Size

We manage the class size based on students’ needs.

For weaker students, they will be placed in smaller classes to allow tutors to focus on each student’s needs. The class size will be a maximum of 3 students.

For students who can pick up faster, classes are usually bigger where tutors will move at a faster pace with greater depth of the subject. The class size will be a maximum of 6 students.

Best Small Group Tuition Experience - Conducive Learning Environment

Conducive Environment

Learning experience is enhanced with conducive environment. Each centre is equipped with multimedia capabilities and cosy learning spaces for students to enjoy. Each room is designed with a different theme to set the mood for relaxation, energising and focus.

Best Small Group Tuition Experience - Customised Learning

Customised Learning

With our small group sizes, our tutors are able to identify the learning patterns of each individual student and cater to their learning needs. This ensures that all our students’ learning paces are kept at the fastest and most effective.

In our model of niche education, we offer a learning experience that is specifically catered to the individual and we work as a team in order to teach our students the vital skills towards crafting their own success.

Best Small Group Tuition Experience - An Engineered Learning Pace

An Engineered Learning Pace

As an education support provider, we augment our pace of lessons to maximise the learning needs of each student.

Students who need more time to catch up with school standards will be given intensive lessons to catch up with their fundamental skills.

Students will be kept at one topic ahead of the school’s progress. This allows our students to maximise the attention spent on any particular topic. There is synergy in the school progress and this helps with more effective learning in our students.

For faster students, the pace will not be limited, instead, they will be taught advanced chapters or even at higher levels by our expert tutors.

What’s The Benefit Of Small Group Tuition?

A Customized Approach For Every Student

Small group tuition allows our tutors to customise the learning experience for their students. A student would miss out this learning experience in a large group learning environment.

Positive Group Dynamics

When students have the space to exchange knowledge in class, ask questions and contribute ideas; it improves the learning abilities and habits. Furthermore, it gives an individual student the assurance that he or she is not the only one that needs the extra help.

More Care From Tutor

Compared to large group learning, small group learning allows the tutor to spend more with students. Thus, the tutor will be able to provide more care and attention towards individual student needs.

Tuition Courses

We offer tuition service for all levels; Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Integrated Programme, Junior College and Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS).

For learning in the early stages, a nurturing environment needs to be available for children to discover and explore the domains unknown to them. Our Junior Mathematics and English (Phonics) programmes are aimed at immersing young learners into the nurturing environment; We develop our young learners into confident outstanding students with a solid foundation, as well as the right attitude to learning.

We offer Math and Phonics classes for children to prepare them for primary school. Interactive sessions will be carried out using videos, songs and hands-on activities to engage the easily distracted children so that they become curious and independent learners.

Our primary school classes are packed with learning tools required for the wholistic education system in Singapore.

Varying learning activities and customising practices for our learners helps them to develop in important areas like creativity, logical and critical thinking. These attributes allow students to learn more effectively as they develop towards the PSLE Examinations.

Classes on all subjects are offered. We pay attention to the students’ learning process in areas of knowledge and skills required. We help younger students adapt to the classroom environment and inject the fun side of learning. For upper primary students, we aim to motivate them to learn, encourage them and build up their confidence.

Our tutors do more than just preparing students for the O Levels examinations. We simplify the syllabus contents into specific skill sets so that our students are able to string up related content in order to achieve a highly coherent understanding.

As the studying regime gets more rigorous, we help enlighten students to impede the process of learning by breaking down concepts into bite-sized information and teach them the step-by-step process of tackling problems. We encourage students to seek knowledge beyond their level and instill an interest in learning through proactive forms of experimentation.

At the post-secondary level, students may often doubt their own capabilities and struggle with the content even at A Levels. At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, under the guidance of our skilled teachers and mentors, we will nurture students to be confident, resilient and independent learners and work towards their goals, no matter how high they are.

Having highly expert tutors who prepare years of students for their A Levels examination. The emphasis on subject mastery and content simplification is key to our continuous success in supporting our A Levels students.