Tuition Courses

Tuition Centre for N Levels, O Levels, A Levels, PSLE, AEIS and Kindergarten


At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, we provide quality tuition courses setup within small groups. Focused on MOE syllabus where concepts are simplified which builds confidence in learning. Tuition Centre for N Levels, O Levels, A Levels, PSLE, AEIS and Kindergarten.

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1. Junior College & International Baccalaureate (JC & IB Tuition)

At post-secondary level, students may often doubt their own capabilities and struggle with the content even at A Levels. At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, under the guidance of our skilled teachers and mentors, we will nurture students to be confident, resilient and independent learners and work towards their goals, no matter how high they are.

Having highly expert tutors who prepare years of students for their A Levels examination. The emphasis on subject mastery and content simplification is key to our continuous success in supporting our A Levels students.


  • H1 General Paper
  • H1 / H2 Mathematics
  • H1 / H2 Chemistry
  • H1 / H2 Physics
  • H1 / H2 Biology
  • H1 / H2 Economics

2. Secondary School & Integrated Programme (IP & O Levels Tuition)

Our tutors do more than just preparing students for the O Levels examinations. We simplify the syllabus contents into specific skill sets so that our students are able to string up related content in order to achieve a highly coherent understanding.

As the studying regime gets more rigorous, we help enlighten students to impede the process of learning by breaking down concepts into bite-sized information and teach them the step-by-step process of tackling problems. We encourage students to seek knowledge beyond their level and instill an interest in learning through proactive forms of experimentation.


  • English Language
  • Chinese Language
  • General Sciences
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Combine Sciences
  • IP/ Pure Chemistry
  • IP/ Pure Physics
  • IP/ Pure Biology

3. Primary School & PSLE Tuition

Our primary school classes are packed with learning tools required for the wholistic education system in Singapore.

Varying learning activities and customising practices for our learners helps them to develop in important areas like creativity, logical and critical thinking. These attributes allow students to learn more effectively as they develop towards the PSLE Examinations.

Classes on all subjects are offered. We pay attention to the students’ learning process in areas of knowledge and skills required. We help younger students adapt to the classroom environment and inject the fun side of learning. For upper primary students, we aim to motivate them to learn, encourage them and build up their confidence.


  • English Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Mathematics Heuristics
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Science

4. Kindergarten Phonics & Primary School Preparation

For learning in the early stages, a nurturing environment needs to be available for children to discover and explore the domains unknown to them. Our Junior Mathematics and English (Phonics) programmes are aimed at immersing young learners into the nurturing environment; We develop our young learners into confident outstanding students with a solid foundation, as well as the right attitude to learning.

We offer Math and Phonics classes to children to prepare them for primary school. Interactive sessions will be carried out using videos, songs and hands-on activities to engage the easily distracted children so that they become curious and independent learners.


  • Junior Mathematics
  • English (Phonics)