About Us – Tuition Plus Enrichment

Our Methodology


Impeccable Track Record

We are a young and vibrant company who have been in the education industry since 2013 with impeccable track record. Through formal and informal learning, our tuition plus enrichment programmes have benefited hundreds of students.


To provide a highly customized education support for each individual student.




All tutors and teachers are graduates from local and overseas universities. They are experienced Fulltime and Part time tutors, with impeccable track record. Our staff members at Happy Tutors Learning Centre are friendly and positive people who have a passion for education and the young.


At Happy Tutors Learning Centre we provide a conducive environment for our small-group classes. The high-tech facilities equipped with digital smartboards and high-speed internet ensures that all students and teachers are supported by the wealth of information from the internet. AV systems facilitate video screenings and appeal both to the visual and audio-biased learners.

Smart Classroom and Technology
Small group setup with advanced tech
Happy Tutors Learning Centre
Spacious and conducive classrooms


Our teachers are the heart and soul of our business. They inspire, nurture and coach students, helping them surpass yesterday’s personal best. The job is challenging, but the rewards of helping students and making a difference is an experience you will never forget.

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