A Level Physics Tuition

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Field Trip – 10 Sept 2019 to Jurong Bird Park

Join us for a gripping wildlife experience at the Jurong Bird Park on 10 September 2019, where you get to come up close with some of the rarest birds in Asia. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness a free-flying performance, featuring a grand finale of colours and excitement as one of the world’s largest number of birds take centre stage. Limited slots available,

Trusted A/O Level Physics Tuition

Our physics tuition for A-Level and O-Level is a comprehensive programme aimed to help students slingshot to an A for their exams. In our intensive classes, students will be exposed to quality recap lectures and ample question practice. Rather than just teaching the textbook theories, we also help students apply the knowledge in selected exam questions so that they understand the subject deeply.

With over 10 years of experience in Physics Tutoring, we have come a long way in helping students improve their grades. We also help students make the most of their time in graduating years. Physics is an important subject especially for the engineering courses and our expert tutors are engineering graduates.

The programme aims to clear the students’ misconceptions and doubts by encouraging and assisting them throughout.  Tutors are patient and experienced who reassures students when in doubt.

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“Happy Tutors Learning Centre has a friendly environment that is suitable for students to concentrate and learn. The teachers there are very friendly and patient especially to students who are slower in learning. They are definitely willing to give the students the extra help whenever they need it.” – Siti Mas Dhalifah

Specialised in IP & O Levels Math & Science

Improve your grades with this Award Winning tuition centre programmes with the best small group learning experience! Ranging from Kindergarten Phonics and Math, PSLE Tuition, O Levels & IP Tuition, A Levels & IB Tuition.

Our learning centres are located at Jurong West, Bukit Batok, Paya Lebar and Tanjong Katong.

Subjects available are Junior Mathematics, English (Phonics), English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics Heuristics, Maths Olympiad, Science, English Language and Chinese Language.

General Sciences, Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Combine Sciences, IP/ Pure Chemistry, IP/ Pure Physics, IP/ Pure Biology, H1 General Paper, H1 / H2 Mathematics, H1 / H2 Chemistry, H1 / H2 Physics, H1 / H2 Biology and H1 / H2 Economics.

“The teachers here are always ready to go the extra mile to help the students learn better. The learning environment is great as well. Both of this helps the students here to grasp new concepts easily and efficiently.” – Dishon Lam

Focused A Levels & O Levels Math and Science Tuition

School learning puts us in a big class and we have to listen to a whole class to find out what we do not know. In our small group tutoring classes, the individual attention really help our students learn as fast as they can.

Programmes available are Physics and Chemistry Intensive Programme, Primary 1 Preparatory Programme, PSLE Math Workshop, A Maths Intensive Programme and more.

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“Happy Tutors Learning Centre provides a conducive environment for your child to learn and grow. The teachers are passionate and dedicated. They are the experts in the subject matter. I will definitely recommend families with children who require support in their education to enroll in this centre! The teaching methods for the various subjects are tailored to each child’s learning abilities and needs. Excellent tutoring service!” – Lin Huiyu

Field Trips & Outdoor Learning – We provide more than just Tuition

By going out of the classrooms, our learners take the chance to discover more about themselves in terms of their personalities and how they react to the various environments. Through our field trips, we have explored places such as cultural and environmental places such as Labrador Park, West Coast Park, and technological applications like Qian Hu Fish Farm, Farm Mart, Kok Fah Technology Farm, and many more to come.

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If you are in need of financial assistance for your studies, please send us an email with the details. We will assess and contact you to arrange for an interview with you.